Episode 15 – Michael Milken

Air Date: Jan 29, 2015

The latest Big Shot to sit down for a conversation with Giselle Fernandez does things especially, well, big. In the years since he surpassed the U.S. record for personal income in the late 1980s Michael Milken has applied his economic acumen and his fortune to making the world better—by funding philanthropies dedicated to medical research and curing diseases, by providing opportunities for students and teachers, by encouraging philanthropic giving and community service, and by creating The Milken Institute and its global conference, a forum for thought leadership held annually in Los Angeles.

In his on-camera Q&A with Fernandez, he opens up about the economic benefits of immigration reform, how finance theory can ease racial tensions, his childhood dream of leading the country’s space program, and his surprise encounter with the man who changed the course of his life.

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