Episode 117 – Katie Cleary

‘It takes a village’: Activist Katie Cleary on a mission to save endangered species
By LA Stories Staff Los Angeles
PUBLISHED 5:00 AM PT Apr. 11, 2022

While she always felt the calling to care for animals, Cleary went on to pursue a career in modeling. She competed on “America’s Next Top Model” and was a briefcase model on “Deal or No Deal.”

“I was one of the only people in entertainment on ‘Top Model’ and ‘Deal or No Deal’ that was advocating for animals on those shows.”

Cleary said she had a feeling she needed to do more in order to be a voice for the voiceless animals of the world. She gave up her life in modeling and entertainment in order to focus on her nonprofit, Peace 4 Animals, and her network, World Animal News. Through these outlets, Cleary is not only able to advocate for animal rights, but she provides the public with knowledge of what’s happening in the world of animals.

Cleary has helped change and create laws for the protection of animals and endangered species as well.

“It’s the mission,” she said. “It’s what drives me every morning.”

Cleary has traveled around the world on her quest to help creatures great and small. She documented her experience in her upcoming documentary, “Why On Earth.” In it, she takes a comprehensive look at the many issues affecting our natural world. Cleary was on the ground helping out and learning what it takes to protect nature’s most vulnerable species.

“Whether it’s the veterinarians on the ground, whether it’s the rescuers, whether it’s the anti-poaching units or the photographers, everyone’s working together,” she said. “So we wanted to show all aspects of that. It’s not just one, it’s all. It takes a village to save these animals.”


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