Episode 15 – Mohamed Bzeek

Mohamed Bzeek, Foster Father Who Takes in Terminally Ill Children
By Spectrum News Staff
PUBLISHED 11:10 AM ET Mar. 18, 2019

Around the world, many call him “The Muslim Mother/Father Theresa.” The Los Angeles County Deparment of Children and Family says there’s no other foster parent like him in all of Los Angeles. He’s been a foster father to nearly 80 critically ill foster children for over 30 years. Bzeek shares with LA Stories how 24 hours a day, seven days a week, he must provide lifesaving care to keep his terminally ill foster daughter alive.

We also accompanied him to the cemetery of the foster children he has cared for and lost. He has buried 10 terminally ill foster children, some have died in his arms. We also follow him to prayer services at his mosque.

Bzeek reveals to Giselle how his Muslim faith guides him to serve, helps him cope with death, and keeps him humble.

He also shared with Giselle the remarkable story of how a woman who read a Los Angeles Times feature on him in 2017 and then set up a GoFundMe page that has to date raised over $600k. He has barely touched the money.

Bzeek also explained to Giselle how he hopes to one day use the donations to build a warm family type home for terminally ill kids who would otherwise die alone as patients in basic facilities.

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