Episode 16 – Jason Schneidman

Celebrity Hairstylist Jason Schneidman on His Mission to Help Others
By Spectrum News Staff
PUBLISHED 11:23 AM ET Mar. 25, 2019

Spectrum News 1 Anchor Giselle Fernandez and LA Stories meets up with Jason Schneidman. When the celebrity hairstylist isn’t globe-trotting the world working with A-list celebs like James Corden, Rob Lowe, Bruno Mars, and many others, he’s giving the star treatment to the homeless across Los Angeles.

With his “Street Cuts Campaign,” also known as “Haircuts for the Homeless,” Jason is giving back to the people he used to live among as a drug addict. Now 15 years sober, the Long Beach native’s life is full with love, family, redemption, and service. Jason says his return to the streets is his mission to offer those who are down and out, as he once was, an opportunity for a second chance, because a second chance is what saved his life.

We follow his travels as he shows LA Stories how a haircut can take a weight off the shoulders of a homeless individual by providing a confidence boosting reflection in the mirror and making it easier for others to see the humanity of those in need.

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