Episode 23 – Seniesa Estrada

East LA Boxing Sensation Seniesa “Superbad” Estrada
By Spectrum News Staff
PUBLISHED 11:53 AM ET May. 13, 2019

On this week’s LA Stories, anchor Giselle Fernandez profiles women’s boxing champion Seniesa “Superbad” Estrada. A native of of East L.A., Seniesa rose above adversity and gender to become an inspirational groundbreaker.

The 26-year old trains in Alhambra and is the Light Flyweight Champion of the United States. But as a little girl, Seniesa was told that girls can’t box. So she determinedly fought to prove the naysayers wrong and succeed in the ring.

Without any females in the sport to model herself after, Seniesa had to train with and take on the boys at the gym — and she beat them, one after another. Today, as one of America’s top female boxers, she’s one of the first women to sign a prestigious professional contract with Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions and is the first woman to participate in LA Fight Club.

This spring, she became the first boxer signed by SoCal based sportswear company RVCA. It’s no surprise that Seniesa has become a favorite speaker at schools in Southland communities where students struggle to overcome their surroundings.

Speaking to Giselle, Seniesa opens up about her faith and the devotion of her dad, who is also her coach. She gives them each credit for inspiring her to live her dreams.

Her father says that if it weren’t for his daughter’s drive to overcome the odds and her need for support, he would’ve succumbed to his addictions and his violent criminal gang past. They each say that the other saved them.

Seniesa also shares with Giselle her new goal of becoming a multiple world champion and the greatest fighter in history — regardless of gender.

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