Episode 34 – Caitlin Doughty

“Artisanal Undertaker” Caitlin Doughty No Ordinary YouTube Star
By Spectrum News Staff Los Angeles
PUBLISHED 8:05 PM ET Aug. 19, 2019

With more than 800,000 YouTube subscribers worldwide, Caitlin Doughty is no ordinary internet star.

LA Stories with Giselle Fernandez catches up with millennial mortician, YouTube personality, and best-selling author who is revolutionizing the funeral industry in Los Angeles and nationwide with her death positive movement advocating for more conscious care around our dearly departed.

With her entertaining and enlightening books and videos, along with her L.A. mortuary, “Clarity,” Doughty is taking on the multi-billion dollar funeral industry in the U.S. and changing lives in the process.

Nearly 10 years ago, she founded the groundbreaking collective, The Order of the Good Death, which aims at getting people to rethink how death is viewed altogether. The death acceptance activist shares with Giselle why she believes that safe, open interaction with death and dead bodies provides a sense of purpose and peace for family and friends, and creates a path of healing.

In addition, Doughty reveals to Giselle the myths and rights around the dead that people often misunderstand or are misinformed of.

Giselle also discovers that the “artisanal undertaker” is not only providing the latest in new eco-friendly, cost-saving, and groundbreaking funeral practices in Los Angeles — she is also a leader in providing assistance for people who don’t have family or don’t have the financial means for a funeral.

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