Episode 04 – Shane’s Inspiration

How TV Producer and His Wife Turned Personal Tragedy Into ‘Shane’s Inspiration’

By Spectrum News Staff Los Angeles

Published 2:45 PM ET Dec. 10, 2018

Scott Williams has enjoyed a long and successful career as a writer and producer on such primetime TV shows as NYPD Blue, Crossing Jordan, and Bones. Currently the executive producer of NCIS, Williams and his wife Catherine were struck by tragedy when they lost their baby shortly after birth to a rare disease.

The couple turned their pain and personal loss into the inspiration for a non-profit named after their son. Today, Shane’s Inspiration is the global leader in building inclusive playgrounds (playgrounds for children of all abilities). The organization has since built 70 all-accessible playgrounds in eight different countries, with 45 of them located here in Southern California.

The Williams spoke with LA Stories host Giselle Fernandez about Shane’s Inspiration and how the tragic passing of their child continues to inspire them to find innovative ways to help other children.

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