Episode 05 – Border Grill

Border Grill Chefs on the Importance of Giving Back

By Spectrum News Staff California

Published 3:18 PM ET Dec. 17, 2018

The Border Grill’s award-winning chefs Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken have been the best of friends, and business partners for over 40 years. Locally coveted and internationally admired as restaurateurs, cookbook authors, television and radio personalities, and the inspiration for one of SNL’s most hilarious skits, Schweddy Balls, the chefs recently won the prestigious Julia Child Award for making an impact on how people eat and enjoy food.

The duo sat down with LA Stories host Giselle Fernandez to share, how as French trained chefs, they stumbled across the inspiration that led them on the path to creating sophisticated Mexican cuisine. They spoke to Giselle about their unrivaled success, and life-changing philanthropy in Los Angeles. They also revealed hilarious stories of what it was like to work alongside Julia Child and how they both ended up married to the same man.

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