Episode 56 – Rabbi Steve Leder

Rabbi Steve Leder on Power of Pain: “We Are More Whole When Broken”
By LA Stories Staff Los Angeles
PUBLISHED 2:14 PM ET Mar. 09, 2020 UPDATED 2:34 PM ET Mar. 09, 2020

LA Stories with Giselle Fernandez profiles Senior Rabbi Steve Leder of the historic Wilshire Boulevard Temple – the oldest synagogue in Los Angeles.

Over the span of 33 years, Rabbi Leder has been the driving force behind the temple’s renovation, growth, and expansion with its East and West side campuses, two elementary schools, and early childhood centers.

Under his leadership, the Karsh Family Social Services Center was created, offering dental, vision, and language services along with food and nutrition security to the Temple’s surrounding neighborhood.

Rabbi Leder is the author of many bestselling books including his most recent: More Beautiful Than Before: How Pain and Suffering Transforms Us, which focuses on the power of pain.

Rabbi Leder aims to challenge people everywhere to find the beauty that comes out of painful experiences and to see ourselves in each other.

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