Episode 06 – Judith Owen

LA Power Couple Judith Owen and Harry Shearer Speak Out About Depression

By Spectrum News Staff California

Published 2:06 PM ET Dec. 31, 2018

On the latest episode of Spectrum News 1’s primetime series, LA Stories, host Giselle Fernandez sits down with Los Angeles power couple, singer-songwriter Judith Owen and actor Harry Shearer, best known for his cult classic Spinal Tap, and his many characters on The Simpsons.

On the outside, the couple’s life appeared to be all laughs and love, but Judith reveals that for years, she shamefully hid a deep secret from her husband. She opens up about that secret and shares with Giselle a struggle that thousands of Angelenos can relate to — debilitating depression.

Judith also explained how her husband’s support, along with her music, have helped her heal, and in turn, inspired her to reach out to help others.

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