Episode 65 – Tom Steyer

Billionaire Activist Tom Steyer on His Fight for a More Inclusive America
By LA Stories Staff California
PUBLISHED 7:57 AM ET Sep. 21, 2020

During his Democratic presidential campaign, billionaire Tom Steyer vowed to fight for the equality of the American people. While he is no longer a presidential nominee, he is more determined than ever to push for racial, economic, and environmental equity in California and across our nation.

In this episode of LA Stories with Giselle Fernandez, Tom Steyer opens up about his commitment to stand up for those who suffer from injustice.

“I want the fairest, broadest, most inclusive democracy so the voice and the will of the American people is heard and acted on,” he said.

Even before entering the race for the White House, Steyer and his wife, Kat Taylor, were committed to this cause. Together, they signed the Giving Pledge — dedicating the majority of their wealth to giving back.

Their TomKat Foundation supports initiatives for clean energy, sustainable agriculture, and economic prosperity, through organizations like their TomKat Ranch and Beneficial State Bank.

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