Episode 07- Bryonn Bain

UCLA Professor Bryonn Bain on Arts Activism and Justice Reform

By Spectrum News Staff California

PUBLISHED 1:46 PM ET Jan. 07, 2019

Spectrum News 1 anchor Giselle Fernandez’s prime-time series LA Stories catches up with a UCLA professor on the forefront of arts activism and justice reform. Bryonn Bain takes the LA Stories cameras inside his innovative classroom and on-stage for his critically acclaimed one-man show at the prestigious Kennedy Center.

Bain reveals to Giselle about how as a Harvard student, an unwarranted arrest set him on an unplanned path to use spoken word, theater, and hip-hop to found a ground-breaking prison education program. Giselle discovers that Bain is not only transforming the lives of UCLA students, but that he is also helping many incarcerated people in Southern California find redemption with newly discovered creative expression.

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