Episode 82 – Charo

Flamenco Guitarist Charo: So Much More Than “Cuchi Cuchi”
By LA Stories Staff Beverly Hills
PUBLISHED 11:49 AM ET Mar. 08, 2021

While most may know her as the “cuchi cuchi” queen of television, there are many different sides to the one and only Charo.

At a young age, Charo discovered a love and talent for the flamenco guitar, and trained with the virtuoso Spanish classical guitarist, Andres Segovia. Once she mastered the craft, Charo came to America to chase her dream of becoming a star. Her appearance on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson solidified that place in the spotlight — and in the hearts of viewers across the country.

“The next day, my name was ‘Cuchi Cuchi,'” she said.

On the latest episode of LA Stories with Giselle Fernandez, Charo opens up about becoming a household name in the U.S. In addition to headlining in Las Vegas, she appeared in TV shows like The Love Boat and Chico and the Man, often using her trademark saying, “Cuchi Cuchi” to make audiences laugh. Charo explains how the term was inspired by her childhood dog, Cuchillo.

“I never say Cuchillo,” she said. “I say ‘Cuchi.'”

Charo had to fight hard to be taken seriously as a flamenco guitarist, noting how many said she would never be a successful musician. She quickly proved everyone wrong and went on to win awards for her soulful Spanish sounds.

Today, Charo continues to entertain and make her fans laugh through social media. She uses her Instagram and YouTube pages to connect with people all around the world, saying how these connections have helped her get through the tragic suicide of her husband, Kjell Rasten. While the loss was devastating, Charo says she is inspired to support others who may be suffering.

“I’ve got a mission to help if I can. At the end of the day, make them smile because laughing is medication.”


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